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Ocean Data Factory Sweden c/o Technology Management & Economics

Chalmers University of Technology

Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development


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Chalmersplatsen 4
Gothenburg SWE

Ocean Data Factory Sweden (ODF Sweden) is Sweden’s national ocean data lab, and ODF’s mission is to enable data-driven innovation by both commercial and non-commercial actors to ensure that the ocean and its resources are managed in the best possible and most sustainable way. The Director of ODF Sweden is Professor Robin Teigland of the Technology Management & Economics Department at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ocean Data Factory (ODF) Sweden is a consortium comprising a diverse group of universities, research institutes, public sector organizations, and companies from Sweden, which together enable access to ocean data and the competences required for data-driven innovation through the application of AI / ML / NN to ocean data. All partners as well as the International Advisory Board contribute with their complementary strengths, which together lay the groundwork for a global quadruple helix for data-driven innovation and Ocean Data Factory’s success. Currently, ODF Sweden is running its first Kaggle competition: The Killer Shrimp Invasion Challenge (https://www.kaggle.com/c/killer-shrimp-invasion/overview). This challenge is the result of ODF Sweden’s first innovation cycle. In addition, ODF Sweden will launch shortly an image recognition project on Zooniverse. More information is on our website: https://oceandatafactory.se/.

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