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Agrupamento de Escolas Dr.Alberto Iria

Agrupamento de Escolas Dr.Alberto Iria

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Praça Dr.Alberto Iria
Olhão PRT

The Dr. Alberto Iria School was founded in 1990 and since then has undergone some structural changes. It was a School of Basic Education that taught students from the fifth to ninth grade. A few years ago, it became an "Agrupamento", ie a consortium of schools which includes a pre-school or kindergarten, a 1st cycle school with students from 1st to 4th year, and the 2nd and 3rd cycle, which covers students from the 5th to the 9th grade. The EB 2,3 School Dr. Alberto Iria is the headquarters of the Group of Schools Dr. Alberto Iria. We are an ASPnet School since 2010 and a Blue School since 2019. As of 2009 the School was classified by the Ministry of Education as Educational Territory of Priority Intervention, also known as TEIP. These are educational territories that, because of their social and economic characteristics, face educational problems that require specific interventions. In the case of our group, the main problems are failure, incivility, indiscipline, violence and insecurity. As a TEIP school with 866 students and 115 teachers and 38 staff members, it has become an inclusive school, welcoming students, mostly socially disadvantaged, with disruptive behaviors, learning difficulties, which are associated with demotivation, absenteeism and dropping out of school. Some of the solutions to these problems were: a) The diversity of educational offerings including: - The regular curriculum (where the national curriculum is taught); - Education and Formation Courses (which are semi-professional courses that prepare young people, aged 15 and over for professional life; - Alternative Curricular Course (PCA), which integrates students with learning difficulties; - Special Education, for children with disabilities or special educational needs, where activities are developed to promote the inclusion of students; b) The integration of specialized technicians, such as a social worker and a psychologist, who can create the "bridge" between the school and the families of the students gave rise to GAAF - Office of Student and Family Support. At present we are participating in eTwinning Projects; Erasmus+ Projects; Blue School Project and Microsoft Global Collaboration Projects.

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