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Pescarte Project

Ocean Policy & Sustainable Development


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Rua Marechal Deodoro, 55 - Centro.
Campos dos Goytacazes BRA

The environmental education project Pescarte is the result of social organization, which established a measure that, oil and gas companies, in order to be licensed, must comply with a series of measures. Among them, they are required, by the federal environmental agency, IBAMA, to implement environmental education programs and projects. Environmental education projects are generally aimed at groups primarily affected by the impacts of the oil and gas chain, such as artisanal fishermen. For this, the companies hire environmental consultants or educational institutions to execute the projects, that follow specific orientations, among them, they should strengthen the social organization of these groups, so that they can intervene in a qualified way, in the decision spaces about their territories. In the Pescarte project, the priority group are artisanal fishermen located in the Campos Basin territory. The precarious situation in which artisanal fishermen live is common throughout the world. Fishing communities have lost their territories to pollution, oil industry, industrial fishing, and, they do not receive proper government support to strengthen the fish production chain. Most sell the fish for an unfair price, because they have no place to benefit and store the fish. The project seeks to strengthen the social organization, through job and income generation, with the implementation of projects such as mariculture, processing and fish storage units, which operate under the principles of solidarity economy and cooperativism. Although there are many challenges, we have mobilized a group of fishermen who have been participating in the project for almost 6 years and who have won a number of victories with the government to access more rights. Artisanal fishers have occupied spaces in the council of councilors, river basin committees, environmental councils, among others. One of the fishermen participating in the project, said the knowledge freed him. He took a digital literacy course, he bought a computer and said he wanted to sail other seas. Unfortunately he died, due to aggressive cancer. He asked his mother, at his funeral, to wear the shirt of the Pescarte project. The project Pescarte is really meaningful for us and for all the participantst! We made one of the largest fishing censuses in Brazil, and one of the data we have reached is that much of the fishing community suffers from food insecurity. All census data and the project in general have a network of researchers, mainly from the Fluminense North State University Darcy Ribeiro-UENF, which has been dedicated to research all information, to assist in the direction of public policies.

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