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8-10 rue Hermes, Parc Technologique du Canal
Ramonville St Agne FRA

Mercator Ocean International (https://www.mercator-ocean.fr/) is a non-profit company employing a team of 80 people dedicated to global ocean monitoring and forecasting. Between observation infrastructures and users, MOI ensures the continuity from research to oceanographic operational services. Since 2017, MOI has nine (CMCC, CNRS, Ifremer, IRD, Meteo France, Met Office, Nansen Center, Puertos del Estado, Shom) European research and operational governmental shareholders. MOI delivers worldwide marine core services based on its high resolution global ocean and European seas capacity for real time monitoring and forecasting, its work on ocean multi-year reanalyses and the strong expertise of its oceanographers. Eddy-resolving ocean modelling, multi-data assimilation, product quality assessment, multi-year variability, expertise on physical ocean & ice, biogeochemistry, data management and service to users (incl. training, user interaction and user engagement) are the main fields of expertise. Over the last 20 years, Mercator Ocean has been playing a leading role in operational oceanography at international level and European level. Mercator Ocean was officially appointed by the European Commission in 2014 to define, manage, implement and operate the "Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service" (CMEMS) (as part of the European Earth observation programme, Copernicus) on its current multi-annual financial framework 2014-2021. The Copernicus Marine Service (http://marine.copernicus.eu) offers a sustainable response to private and public user needs, for academic, operational, policy and blue growth activities related to all sectors of the blue economyEumetsat, ECMWF and Mercator Ocean International also lead the development of the Copernicus WEkEO DIAS cloud platform (https://www.wekeo.eu/) that provides a single access point to all Copernicus data and information, alongside processing resources, tools and other relevant data.

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