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13328 Sparren Ave.
San Diego USA

Ocean Science Analytics (OSA) is a scientific and education company headquartered in San Diego, CA. Our expertise in technology-based analytical methods and a wide range of software tools is rooted in an oceanic and coastal ecosystem framework. OSA employs its expertise to both conduct physical and biological research, and provide technology centered training to a broad audience. Ocean Science Analytics was established by Liz Ferguson in 2018 with a unique objective of pairing research services with technical training. Our expertise in data visualization, analysis and statistics using various analytical tools and when possible, accessible ocean data, allows for versatility in the projects we are able to support. Given the growing need to consistently evaluate and monitor our oceans in a changing climate, we believe the provision of training related to our tools and methods is an important element for supporting future ocean science research. OSA consultants and partners hail from a broad range of physical and biological disciplines, and we apply a communicative, streamlined and quality assessed approach to our work. Furthermore, we are proponents of using our powers for good by accentuating ocean conservation whenever possible in our scientific and educational efforts.

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