In Your Face: Exhibition (March – July 2022)

22.03.2022 - 01.07.2022

Microplastics infiltrate our bodies, flow through the currents of rivers, are carried by the wind, fly into the ground, wash ashore and return to the ocean - no water is left untouched.

On the occasion of the UN World Water Day 2022, the organization Ocean Now! will open the exhibition of the portrait series In Your Face. Due to high demand, it will be repeated for a consecutive year. #inyourface makes the barely visible yet universal presence of microplastics tangible. Through 56 portraits based on the artwork Microplastics II by renowned artist Swaantje Güntzel, it invites people to reflect on their consumer behavior. With the portrait of a symbolic beauty mask made of microplastic particles and a bleeding nose, famous faces make a public statement. The portraits’ microplastic, collected over a five-month period by dedicated volunteers on beaches around the world, points out that everything is connected to everything else.

The exhibition series starts on the coast in Sylt Westerland, sixteen flags and banners with quotes from the protagonists on the question "What does the ocean mean to you?" on the beach promenade draw attention to the exhibition in the Musikmuschel. The exhibition will then move on to Berlin and Lisbon. All portraits and statements can also be viewed in a digital gallery. The exhibition’s concept includes interactive elements such as an Instagram Face Filter, allowing visitors inside to create and share their own personal #inyourface portrait. "We want to contribute to social change and show people that we are many," says Meike Schützek, founder of Ocean. Now! "In doing so, we are also targeting decision-makers in politics and business." Via a digital microplastics quiz, exhibition visitors can test their knowledge and anonymously view the answers of others live.

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