Photo Contest and exhibition “Millimages des récifs”

13.06.2022 - 16.10.2022

The photo competition "Millimages des récifs" aims to refine the view of underwater photographers, amateur or professional, on the ecosystem they photograph. By imposing a theme each year to its contest, the Institut des Récifs Coralliens du Pacifique (IRCP) wishes that the participants have a naturalist look on their subject, more refined to the understanding of the observed phenomena.

The exhibitions that result from the contest have the function of sharing what has been observed, notably with the explanation of the organisms, behaviors or events photographed. IRCP is committed to helping break down barriers to diversity and equity. Its actions try as much as possible to give a place to as many people as possible in the exchanges and debates around environmental issues. Accessible to schools, associations, companies, everyone can learn more about the coral ecosystem, an ecosystem that is essential for French Polynesia.


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