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Participate in the Call for Decade Actions No. 02/2021 and submit your idea for a Decade programme, project or contribution.

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Submit an Ocean Decade Activity

Got an idea for an Ocean Decade Activity?

Through the Global Stakeholder Forum you can submit an Activity idea for official endorsement, making it part of global efforts to create the ocean we want.

Decade Activities are standalone initiatives such as events, exhibitions, conferences, training opportunities, publications or products specially-developed for the Ocean Decade.

To be officially endorsed, Activities only need to show how they contribute to the Decade Challenges or to specific Programmes, Projects or Contributions.

Calls for Decade Actions

Got an idea for an Ocean Decade Programme, Project or Contribution?

Through the Global Stakeholder Forum you can participate in our regular Calls for Decade Actions.

While Activities are standalone initiatives, Programmes, Projects and Contributions offer the opportunity for a much higher positive impact in the Ocean Decade.

We will hold regular Calls for Decade Actions each year, and as a Member of the Global Stakeholder Forum, you will get full access to submit your ideas, and support to hone your ideas into the strongest possible proposal.

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Your platform for collaboration and co-design

Meet and establish working relationships with like-minded professionals working in your field, area, or around similar Ocean Decade themes and objectives.

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Explore our Events and Showcase what you are doing for the Ocean Decade

Join Ocean Decade Events happening around the globe or create your own and invite the community to participate.

Discover Generation Ocean

The Official Campaign of the Ocean Decade

Generation Ocean (#GenOcean) will inspire, rally and mobilize individuals across all generations, genders and geographies to take knowledge-based actions to protect our ocean and unlock its great role in sustainable development.

Through amazing story-telling, GenOcean calls on you to take everyday actions that make a difference for the health and well-being of people and the ocean. More information about the campaign is coming soon!