Plastic Free Mediterranean Sea – Exhibitions for Education

01.09.2022 - 31.12.2022

This pilot program of exhibitions from neighboring countries consists of setting up traveling exhibitions with three partner countries: Algeria, Morocco and Italy.

These exhibitions will trace the sources, origins and impacts of plastic waste and will present sustainable and adapted alternative solutions with the partner country.


The "Plastic Free Mediterranean Sea, exhibitions for education" program, which is an integral part of the "Vigieplastic Méditerranée" program, makes it possible to strengthen cooperation between the countries bordering the Mediterranean around concrete and common actions aimed at combating plastic waste and the preservation of ecosystems.

It is crucial to explain how, every day, our daily waste is gradually transformed into a gigantic soup of plastic in the marine environment in order to be able to put in place sustainable solutions.
The interest will be to inform, raise awareness and widely educate Mediterranean populations, from the youngest to the oldest, to the dangers of gestures of rejection and abandonment of waste in the environment in order to change habits, perceptions and behaviors.

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