AKMA-OceanSenses expedition in the Arctic Ocean, Training-through-Research

11.05.2022 - 23.05.2022

AKMA-OceanSenses Research Expedition aboard the research vessel Kronprins Haakon to the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean is focused on both science and education . Our science will focus on extreme environments such as natural methane seep sites - where environmental stressors affect biological communities and produce peculiar seafloor features. Combining newly acquired data with the data already available to us will increase our ability to understand the present and predict the future.


During the expedition, scientists and educators will develop learning tools to experience the ocean using all our senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste). Schools and scientists from Norway, Italy, France, Tajikistan and Kirgizstan, Portugal, Brazil, Tanzania and Botswana. During the expedition, teachers from some of our partner countries will be onboard and we will connect with all the schools. AKMA-OceanSenses wants to inspire the next generation!




We will create a story map of the expedition, writing descriptive blogs for each of the sites visited and scientific operations at each site using Story Maps (accessible here:  Daily content can be found on our instagram ( and twitter (, along with short movies aimed to inform about general daily life aboard the Kronprins Håkon and scientific operations. We will also livestream videos of the Arctic seafloor through instagram and our website. Through zoom we will connect with students directly from the expedition.