Workshop: Effective Capacity Development for the Decade – Best practices & methods


Please join us for this free, virtual event! 

The Decade Programme, Global Ocean Corps and Conveyor, will lead a workshop for all Ocean Decade Actions called “Effective Capacity Development for the Decade: Best practices and methods”, which will be held on May 24th at 7am Pacific/4 pm CET. Any questions regarding the workshop can be directed to the Programme’s lead, Brian Arbic (

Open to all Global Stakeholder Forum members.

During the two-hour workshop, we will hear from 3 speakers who will discuss their capacity development activities:

  • France/Benin Masters Program (Norbert Hounkonnou)
  • OceanTeacher Global Academy (Claudia Delgado)
  • The Ocean Foundation equipment distribution (Kaitlyn Lowder)

The speakers will highlight lessons learned and tips for others to conduct capacity development exercises.

The agenda for the workshop is attached.

We expect to hold these workshops roughly twice per year, as a forum for people to showcase their capacity development activities, promote discussions about best practices, etc.