Communities of Practice

What is an Ocean Decade Community of Practice?

Throughout the Ocean Decade, partners around the world will lead numerous Decade Actions in the form of programmes, projects and contributions. In order to achieve the Decade’s aim of collective action around major global and regional priorities, a series of Communities of Practice will be created to allow partners to communicate, collaborate and work together.

Communities of Practice are mechanisms to allow coordination amongst partners working on similar themes or in similar geographies to optimize the collective impact throughout the Decade. There will be both thematic (i.e. based around the Ocean Decade Challenges) and geographic (i.e. based around major ocean basins) Communities of Practice.

What will Communities of Practice do?

It is anticipated that Communities of Practice will carry out the following broad functions:

• Horizontal coordination across partners to optimize communication, collaboration and synergies;
• Vertical coordination and collaboration with projects to ensure coherence in activities and contribution to overall work planning, implementation and monitoring;
• Consolidated monitoring in line with the requirements of the Decade Monitoring and Evaluation framework;
• Coordination of input to the development of Calls for Decade Actions;
• Work with Decade structures on resource mobilisation efforts, including resource need assessments;
• Communications and outreach activities to engage new partners and raise awareness of the impact and achievements of the Community of Practice;
• Provide an entry point and information conduit for Decade coordination structures and other partners wishing to engage with partners;
• Facilitate exchanges across Communities of Practice to avoid siloing of efforts during the Decade.

What Communities of Practice are proposed during the Decade?

The following Communities of Practice are currently active:

  • Multiple Ocean Stressors
  • Deep Sea Research and Management
  • Fisheries and Blue Food
  • Coastal Ecosystem and Community Resilience
  • Capacity Development
  • Early Career Ocean Professionals

The list below shows others that are in the process of being established. More may emerge over the course of the Decade to address specific issues or respond to new areas of action.

  • Coral Reefs
  • Sustainable Ocean Economy
  • Sustainable Ocean Planning
  • Ocean-Climate Nexus
  • Ocean Observations
  • Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems
  • Data Information and Knowledge
  • Ocean Literacy
  • Cultural Values of the Ocean
  • Southern Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • North Atlantic
  • South Atlantic
  • North Pacific
  • South Pacific
  • Mediterranean Sea

Who can join?

The members of the Communities of Practice are the institutions and individuals who are leading or involved in Decade Actions (programmes, projects and contributions). These partners can choose to join as many Communities of Practice as relevant to their work. If you are an individual involved in an endorsed Decade Action, please follow this link and login with your Global Stakeholder Forum details to join a Community of Practice.

Other stakeholders or partners who have an interest in the topics addressed by the Community of Practice will have access to information and resources shared through the publically available elements of the Ocean Decade website and Global Stakeholder Forum.