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CoastPredict - Observing and Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean

Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna | University of Miami/RSMAS | SOCIB and CSIC-IMEDEA

Create a digital representation of the Ocean, Expand the Global Ocean Observing System, Increase community resilience to ocean hazards, Programme, Skills, knowledge and technology for all, Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change

CoastPredict will transform the science of observing and predicting the Global Coastal Ocean, from river catchments, including urban scales, to the oceanic slope waters.

It will integrate observations with numerical models to produce predictions with uncertainties from extreme events to climate, for the coastal marine ecosystems (their services), biodiversity, co-designing transformative response to science and societal needs. CoastPredict will re-define the concept of the Global Coastal Ocean, focusing on the many common worldwide features, to produce obervations and predictions of natural variability and human-induced changes in the coastal areas and upgrade the infrastructure for exchange of data with standard protocols.


Nadia Pinardi ( – University of Bologna

Download here the brochure CoastPredict: Revolutionising Global Coastal Ocean observing and forecasting